As you head South from Greenwich, Rye welcomes you to the Pier Restaurant and Tiki Bar. Immerse yourself in coastal vibes while enjoying a delightful lunch, surrounded by the vibrant atmosphere of this charming destination.

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2006 Chris Craft Roamer 50ft LOA

Introducing the flagship vessel of Norwalk Island Charters, "The Argo."

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Sea Ray 280 Sundeck

2014 Sea Ray 280 Sundeck, the "Italian Combo."

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2022 Monterey 328 SS bow rider

Introducing the "Sabrina H20", owned and operated by Sabrina Transport on City Island.

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5 Reasons To Charter In Rye, NY

1. Scenic Coastal Beauty

Rye offers a picturesque setting along the shores of Long Island Sound, characterized by its stunning coastal views and tranquil waters. A charter here allows guests to immerse themselves in the natural beauty, ideal for photography, relaxation, and simply enjoying the serene environment.

2. Family-Friendly Water Activities

Rye is perfect for family outings, with water activities that cater to all ages. Whether it's gentle sailing, kayaking, or paddle boarding, the calm waters of Rye make it safe and enjoyable for children and adults alike. Chartering a boat can be a wonderful way for families to create lasting memories together on the water.

3. Rich in Marine Life

The waters around Rye are known for their diverse marine life, making it a prime location for fishing and wildlife watching. Charter trips can be customized to include educational components about local ecosystems, offering a hands-on learning experience about the conservation of marine habitats.

4. Access to Secluded Beaches and Islands

Chartering a boat from Rye provides exclusive access to nearby secluded beaches and islands that are less frequented by tourists. These quieter, more private areas are perfect for those seeking a peaceful day in the sun, away from the crowded main beaches.

5. Elegant Venue for Special Events

Rye's elegant coastal backdrop makes it an ideal choice for hosting special events on a charter boat. From intimate weddings and anniversaries to sophisticated corporate gatherings, the charm of Rye enhances any celebration, offering a unique and stylish alternative to traditional venues.

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