Whether it's catching a Mets game or a concert at Citi Field, our charters provide seamless access with a mere 15-minute walk from the World's Fair Marina. Need to catch a flight at Laguardia? No problem – we'll bring you there with ease, eliminating the hassles of traffic or trains.

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2006 Chris Craft Roamer 50ft LOA

Introducing the flagship vessel of Norwalk Island Charters, "The Argo."

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Sea Ray 280 Sundeck

2014 Sea Ray 280 Sundeck, the "Italian Combo."

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2022 Monterey 328 SS bow rider

Introducing the "Sabrina H20", owned and operated by Sabrina Transport on City Island.

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5 Reasons To Charter In Queens, NY

1. Unique Urban Waterfronts

Queens offers a distinct urban setting with its diverse waterfronts, from the bustling Flushing Bay to the serene Jamaica Bay. Chartering a boat here allows visitors to see New York City from a fresh perspective, contrasting the city's skyline with the tranquility of the water.

2. Gateway to Rich Marine Biodiversity

Situated along the Atlantic Flyway, Queens is a prime location for bird watching and encountering diverse marine life. The bays and estuaries are teeming with wildlife, making it an excellent spot for environmental enthusiasts to explore via charter.

3. Variety of Water-Based Activities

With access to both river and ocean waters, charters in Queens can cater to a wide range of interests, from leisurely sightseeing cruises to more active pursuits like fishing or water sports. This versatility makes it easy to customize trips for different age groups and preferences, ensuring a memorable experience for all.

4. Proximity to Historical and Cultural Landmarks

A boat charter in Queens can also include tours past historical sites such as Fort Totten and the Bayside Marina, as well as closer looks at iconic structures like the Throgs Neck Bridge. Integrating these elements can provide a rich narrative that enhances the boating experience with cultural depth.

5. Ideal for Varied Occasions

Whether it's a casual outing, a romantic evening, or a celebratory event, Queens' charters offer flexible options that can be tailored to any occasion. The dynamic backdrops of the New York City skyline or the peaceful natural settings provide unique atmospheres that can elevate any gathering aboard a charter.

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