Cruise down the Sound and grab a dock slip in Greenwich, where L'Escale invites you to experience waterfront dining with French elegance. Indulge in a culinary journey amidst refined surroundings, elevating your charter experience to new heights.

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2006 Chris Craft Roamer 50ft LOA

Introducing the flagship vessel of Norwalk Island Charters, "The Argo."

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Sea Ray 280 Sundeck

2014 Sea Ray 280 Sundeck, the "Italian Combo."

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2022 Monterey 328 SS bow rider

Introducing the "Sabrina H20", owned and operated by Sabrina Transport on City Island.

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5 Reasons To Charter In Greenwich, CT

1. Exclusive Coastal Charm

Greenwich offers a blend of sophisticated charm and maritime beauty, making it a luxurious destination for boating enthusiasts. Chartering a boat here provides access to picturesque settings, from the refined shores of the Long Island Sound to secluded inlets, perfect for those seeking an exclusive and upscale boating experience.

2. Access to Pristine Nature and Wildlife

Surrounded by lush greenery and abundant wildlife, Greenwich is an ideal spot for nature lovers. Charter trips can include close encounters with local marine life and birdwatching, offering a peaceful retreat from the busier urban environments nearby.

3. Customized Sailing Adventures

Whether you’re interested in a day of leisurely sailing, fishing, or water sports, Greenwich charters cater to a wide range of activities. With expert crews and well-equipped vessels, each charter can be tailored to the preferences of the guests, ensuring a personalized and enjoyable experience on the water.

4. Rich Historical and Cultural Experiences

A charter in Greenwich can also serve as a cultural voyage through the town’s storied past and vibrant maritime heritage. Visitors can explore historic landmarks and learn about the area's colonial roots and its evolution into a prestigious coastal town, adding an educational layer to their maritime adventure.

5. Perfect for Celebratory Occasions

Chartering a boat in Greenwich offers a unique and stylish venue for celebrating special occasions like weddings, anniversaries, or corporate events. The stunning coastal views and the prestige of Greenwich create an unforgettable backdrop for any celebration, providing an elegant alternative to traditional event spaces.

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