Set sail to Boca Seafood Restaurant at Bridgeport's Steel Point and enjoy a picturesque cruise along the coast to this culinary gem aboard our luxury charter boat. With stunning harbor views, Boca promises an unforgettable dining experience.

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2006 Chris Craft Roamer 50ft LOA

Introducing the flagship vessel of Norwalk Island Charters, "The Argo."

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Sea Ray 280 Sundeck

2014 Sea Ray 280 Sundeck, the "Italian Combo."

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2022 Monterey 328 SS bow rider

Introducing the "Sabrina H20", owned and operated by Sabrina Transport on City Island.

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5 Reasons To Charter In Bridgeport, CT

1. Vibrant Waterfront District

Bridgeport's revitalized waterfront offers a dynamic blend of entertainment and leisure activities. Chartering a boat here allows visitors to experience the bustling atmosphere of the harbor, including close-up views of the seaside park and various waterfront events throughout the year.

2. Gateway to the Long Island Sound

Located on the Long Island Sound, Bridgeport serves as a gateway to numerous boating adventures. The waters are ideal for sailing, fishing, and cruising, providing a diverse range of water-based activities suitable for all ages and interests.

3. Proximity to Islands and Coastal Attractions

Chartering from Bridgeport gives easy access to nearby islands like the Thimble Islands and other coastal attractions. These destinations are perfect for day trips, offering opportunities for exploration, swimming, and picnicking in more secluded and natural settings.

4. Rich Historical and Cultural Sites

A boat charter in Bridgeport can include tours that highlight the city’s rich historical and industrial heritage. Visitors can learn about the area's transformation over the centuries and see historic landmarks such as the Barnum Museum and the historic lighthouse at Black Rock Harbor.

5. Unique Venue for Celebrations

Like other coastal towns, Bridgeport offers a unique and memorable setting for hosting various events. Whether it’s corporate functions, family reunions, or romantic outings, the backdrop of Bridgeport’s scenic harbor adds a distinctive flair to any event, making it an extraordinary experience for all participants.

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